Perlu ... what?

Perluette is the french word for &. The ampersand represent the conjunction "and". is a store that showcases products selected for their quality and / or that have a particular relationship with the communication box Comma Imagination. Finaly it's Comma & friends, You & pleasure.

Passionate about coffee

Especially espresso, some say expresso.

A quality coffee starts of course with pure tasteless water. But then, it's the flavor and the aromas of coffee that matter. To have a good coffee, you need fresh beans that have been stored properly, picked at the right time and dried in the right way. Roasting is then the key step.

Coffee roasting

The roasting level of an espresso coffee is according to everyone's taste. I prefer a brown to dark-brown roasting. I like coffees that are not too oily and that deliver their distinctive flavors.

Microroasted coffee

The coffees of Perluette are all micro roasted in small batches to allow a perfect control and also not to keep an inventory too much roasted coffee.